Triple Threat DJs

Regarded as some of the best turntablists in the world, the Triple Threat DJs, comprising of
legendary DJs Shortkut, Apollo and Vinroc, all but conquered their genre before becoming a
They were introduced to the art form as youngsters through mobile DJing and evolved into
world-renowned turntablists. Triple Threat represents the future of turntablism, precisely
because they've been so instrumental to its storied past. Though they have championship-
level skills at scratching and beat-juggling they also know how to rock a party, produce
music and create original compositions with two turntables.
“Triple Threat set off mini-earthquakes during every live show. These hip-hop artists drop
vinyl on turntables and bulldoze existing songs into new sonic temples. Triple Threat
members have elevated themselves to DJ royalty.” – Rob Runett, The Washington Times